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Manual Testing Training

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Do you want to make a career in software testing? Are you searching for an institute which provides you testing courses. Yours quest ends here! Inspanner academy provides you the the best manual testing courses in Hyderabad and Indian.

It's been observed that training instructions nowadays focus on the theoretical part while teaching and students won't get the opportunity to practice what they learn.

Our training modules are designed especially for your understanding and applying it practically while learning. We follow one-to-one teaching techniques to ensure our students understand the concepts thoroughly. Our modules will help you understand/learn Manual testing effectively.

Advantages of manual testing

  • It helps us to test from a human perspective.
  • Manual testing helps us test Exploratory without limitations.
  • We can reduce errors and holes through manual testing which is not possible in Automated Tests.
  • It helps Us Understand the problem deeply.
  • Although automated testing saves a lot of time, manual testing allows us to understand the problem and connects us with the end-user.
  • About Manual Testing Training Course

    It is the process of manually testing a software to find defects when it is in the developing stage or after developing. A tester manually tests the program to ensure its functionalities. To ensure proper testing of a project/program, the tester follows a test plan that leads them through a set of important test cases.
    Manual testing plays a critical role in the QA process.

    When you think of a career in software testing, it is expected from you to have knowledge of testing tools and technologies which are used in software testing.

    Large scale projects that rely on manual testing follow effective methodology to find maximum number of defects.. This approach focuses on predetermined test cases and involves various steps such as high level test plans, detailed test cases, assigning test cases to testers who follow steps and record results manually.

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    Manual Testing Training TRAINING Content

    Section1: Introduction

    • Software Testing introduction
    • Verification and Validation
    • Application types
      -Console Desktop
      -Windows application or Desktop Application – Standalone and Client/Server applications
      -Web application – 3- tier or N-tier application
      -Web Portals
      -Mobile Applications
    • Difference between desktop application and web applications
    • Web application vs Web Portals
    • Mobile application testing and its introduction

    Section2: SDLC Models

    • Need of SDLC and its Phases introduction
    • Waterfall Model
    • Prototype Model
    • Spiral Model
    • V- Model
    • Analysis of traditional sdlc model and current model
    • Incremental Model – Agile and Scrum Framework
    • Agile Manifesto
    • Importance of Agile and its different framework
    • Scrum roles and responsibilities
    • Scrum user story splitting and estimation techniques
    • Pros and cons of Scrum framework

    Section3: STLC– Software Testing Life Cycle

    • Difference between Use cases, Test cases and Scenarios
    • Difference between Test plan and Strategy
    • How to prepare test report?
    • Concept about Error, bug, defect and failure.
    • Preparing Bug report
    • Bug life Cycle
    • Entry and Exit Criteria
    • Priority and severity
    • Introduction to test management tool
    • Exercises with test management tools like bug tracker

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    Section4: Principles of testing

    • Seven Principles of testing – Importance
    • Real time examples for below principles
      -Exhaustive testing is impossible
      -Defect Clustering
      -Pesticide Paradox
      -None of the application is bug free
      -Testing is context dependent of the application
      -Intension of application is to identify flaws in an application
      -Importance of avoiding late testing

    Section5: Types of Testing

    • Static and Dynamic testing
    • Functional and Non Functional testing

    Section5.1: Functional Testing

    • Black Box testing and its types
      -BVA (Boundary Value Analysis)
      -Equivalence partitioning
      -Decision tables
      -Graph based methods – State transition diagram
      -All Pairs testing
    • White box testing and its nature
    • Statement coverage
    • Path coverage
    • Branch coverage
    • How to calculate the complexity of the program
    • SIT  – System Integration testing
    • UAT – User Acceptance testing
    • Adhoc testing
    • Regression testing
    • Progression testing
    • Alpha and beta testing
    • Positive and Negative testing
    • Integration – Big Bang approach and Incremental approach
    • Top Down and Bottom up integration approach
    • Importance of Integration testing and its test case preparation

    Section5.2: Non Functional Testing

    • Importance of Non-functional testing
    • Types of Non-Functional testing
      -Performance testing (Stress and Load)
      -Configuration testing
    • Requirement traceability matrix – Requirement mapping
    • Test Coverage or Requirement Mapping


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    Queries You may have

    Our Best Manual Testing Training Course Duration is 40 to 50 hours. In this duration, we will give you more Manual Testing Training programming examples. You will get various levels of Manual Testing Training assessments. You have to work on a real time Manual Testing Training Project.

    After completion of your Manual Testing Training Training, You can develop any levels of Manual Testing Training projects professionally.

    We give 100% placement assistance to you for your best career. The middle stage of your Manual Testing Training training conduct mock interviews. In the Mock Interviews, We will figure outs your Technical competence and where you need to Improve. So after the mock interview surely increase your technical skill and interview confident level
    In the middle of your Manual Testing Training training, we conduct three mock interviews. In the Mock Interviews, We will figure outs your Technical competence and where you need to Improve. So after the mock interview surely increase your technical skill and interview confident level. Also we will help you for Resume preparation and Interview presence.
    There are no prerequisites to start learning Manual Testing Training. The only prerequisite is your Interest. Manual Testing Training is very easy to learn.
    Yes, You can easily clear the Manual Testing Training certification exam once you have completed Inspanner Academy Manual Testing Training training program.

    Job opportunities in Manual Testing Training?

    Inspanner academy has been reviewed as the best Manual testing institution in Hyderabad and India. We follow one to one communication methods in our teachings to make sure our students understand every topic thoroughly and effectively. Our faculty have ample experience in the industry; hence they will mold you as per industry expectations are requirements. Post the training, we guide our students to get a job in the respective field. We nurture your programming ability to withstand the competition in the market.

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    10.30am-12.30pm Week end Velachery

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