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AngularJS training in Hyderabad at Inspanner Academy helps you to get an extensive knowledge of AngularJS programming language. AngularJS course training by Inspanner Academy is an instructor-led training conducted in Hyderabad premises. AngularJS Content designed by us is unique which helps you start learning AngularJS from basics to advanced AngularJS concepts. As per the reviews across the internet Inspanner Academy is the Best AngularJS Training Institute in Hyderabad & in India.

AngularJS language is a very popular one and it stands out to be one of our premier courses. Our AngularJS Instructors are high-skilled with AngularJS programming and having 8+ years of experience. We ensure that the best AngularJS course in Hyderabad at Inspanner Academy will be more practical oriented and at the end of the course, you will have much knowledge to develop AngularJS Applications. Inspanner Academy ensures the Best AngularJS training experience during the course of your training program.

According to the TIOBE index, AngularJS is one of the most popular programming languages in the world

About AngularJS Course

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. AngularJS is a Superheroic JavaScript MVC framework. AngularJS Application works as Single Page Applications (SPA) without reloading Entire page. It used HTML as a Template language and it extends existing HTML elements with attributes called Directives. Application data binds to HTML with Expressions.AngularJS is a powerful Front end MVC framework for create Rich Internet Applications.
The Amazing feature of AngularJS is a Two-way Data Binding, Since None of the other web-based languages support it.

“The best things in life are not planned, they simply just happen” The above quote exactly suits for AngulrJS. Here is an interesting story behind the foundation of AngularJS.
In 2008, Miskov Hevery a Google employee started to do a project about simplifying the Web Application. The Project's Aim is "Anyone can create web application easily, without prior knowledge of HTML and extending some existing HTML elements". At the end of the project, he had a hard time to explain the project.
At that time, Miskov's manager asked him to work on one of the Google internal application called as Google Feedback Application. Along with Misko, another 2 developers started to write code but the code becomes 17000 lines. It was very hard to handle the code. In that application, to add one label in HTML you have to write plenty of code in Java and compile it.
Now Misko challenged to his manager that he can develop this project with minimal code by using his Application (AngularJS) in 2 weeks. But he failed to do it in 2 weeks but did it in 3 weeks. The 17000 lines code reduced to 1500 lines in just 3 weeks. His Manager is very impressed and asked Mikov to develop further the Angular framework.
Now the Google's internal Application developed by Angular.

Angular 6 has some breaking changes in Angular 5, that’s why they released it as a new Version called Angular 7. You may think that why Angular 3 missed because the router package was in version 3.x. To avoid the confusion, they ignored Angular 3. The breaking changes are very easy to update in an earlier version, nothing to worry to update your App to Angular 6.

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AngularJS TRAINING Content

Section 1: Introduction

  • What is AngularJS ?
  • History of AngularJS ?
  • Sweet spot of AngularJS.
  • Complete Solution for Client-Side.
  • How AngularJS Works as Single Page Application ?
  • What is Two-Way Data Biding and How it works ?

Implementation of AngularJS into your Application.
A synchronization of Controller and View.
Simple Application with Two-way Data Binding.

Section 2: Structure of AngularJS

  • Overview of Library Files.
  • How to Configure AngularJS Application ?
  • What is Root Element in AngularJS ?
  • How to Bootstrap the Web Apps by using ng-app ?
  • How to Extend HTML DOM with additional attributes ?
  • What is AngularJS Expression and how to use ?

Simple Application using ng-app, ng-init, ng-model and ng-bind.

Section 3: Understanding Controllers and Scopes ?

  • What is Controller in AngularJS ?
  • Uses of Controller ?
  • How to call Controller methods ?
  • How to pass parameter values to the Controller ?
  • Overview of Controller Inheritance.
  • Limitations of Controllers.
  • What is Scope in Controller ?
  • How Scope act as Data-Model ?
  • Overview of Scope Hierarchies.
  • How to pass Scope values to View ?
  • How to Receive View data to the Scope ?

Get Form data into Controller.
How to access Controller Methods?
Controller inheritance Example.

Section 4: Understanding Directives

  • What is Directive in AngularJS ?.
  • What are the List of Directives ?
  • Features of Directives.
  • How to Attach Directives in Views.
  • How to create Custom Directive ?
  • How to set Custom Directives as Element, Attribute, Class and Comment?
  • What is Isolating scope of a Directive ?
  • How to Create a Directive which Wraps Other Elements ?

Separate header, footer and attach in view through “ng-include” Directive.
Show and hide Views based on values through “ng-if” Directive.
How to use “ng-repeat” and clone HTML elements using ng-repeat ?

Section 5: Understanding Filters

  • What is Filters in AngularJS ?
  • What are the List of Filters in Angularjs ?
  • Features of Filters.
  • How to use Filters as Service and use in js ?
  • How to pass parameters in Filters ?

Create a Application with Applying All Filters.

Section 6: Understanding Forms in AngularJS.

  • How form works in AngularJS ?
  • How to pass form data to AngularJS ?
  • How to do form Validation in AngularJS ?
  • What are the form states ?
  • How form states and CSS Classes work together dynamically ?
  • How to do custom validation ?
  • What is ng-message and how to use in forms ?

Real time form validations by using various states.
Dynamic form validations by using “ng-messages” directive.

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Section 7: Understanding Dependency Injection ?

  • Define Dependency Injection.
  • Why DI (Dependency Injection) ?
  • How to use DI ?
  • List of Dependency Annotation ?

Section 8: Understanding Components and Modules

  • Overview of Services.
  • What is Factory ?
  • What is Providers ?
  • How to Create Custom Services, Factory and Providers ?
  • How to Inject components into other components ?
  • What are the 2 Modules in AngularJS ?
  • Where and When to use these 2 modules ?

Creating a Calculator application by using Services and Factories.

Section 9: Routing in AngularJS ?

  • What is Routing ?
  • How to use Routing ?
  • How to use $routeProvider ?
  • How to divide a template into multiple templates ?
  • How to attach divided multiple templates in views ?
  • How Routing converts our Application as SPA ?
  • How to pass/receive parameters in url-path ?

Applying Routing in a Real Time Application
How to convert a regular Application into Single Page Application ?

Section 10: $http Communication Service with JSON

  • Features of $http service in AngularJS ?
  • Configuration of $http Service methods.
  • What are the $http methods and where to use it ?
  • How to pass view-data to server side with $http ?
  • How to pass parameters with $http ?
  • What is cache in $http ?
  • How to receive Success Callback and Error Callback in $http ?

How to connect remote server by using $http Service.
How to pass your form data to server-side language by using $http Service.
Implementing CURD Operations in a real time Application by using $http Service.

Section 11: List of inbuilt Services

  • $anchorScroll
  • $animate
  • $cacheFactory
  • $interpolate
  • $interval
  • $location
  • $log
  • $rootScope
  • $timeout
  • $window and more

Section 12: List of AngularJS inbuilt Methods.

  • JSON Properties and Methods
  • copy
  • equals
  • angular.fromJson
  • angular.toJson and more

Fully Hands-on for Complete Your Real time project with all above Methods.


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Queries You may have

YES! AngularJS is written in JavaScript and when you are writing code for AngularJS You will be writing JavaScript. So it’s essential to know JavaScript before learning AngularJs.
If you don’t have Sufficient knowledge in JavaScript, Don’t worry, our AngularJs Training course will kick start from JavaScript.

NO HARD! Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and good knowledge of JavaScript can be very helpful if you really want to learn AngularJS. In 30 to 40 Hours of course duration, you become an AngularJS Developer.

YES! When you start writing AngularJS code for Dynamic web applications, You should have basic knowledge of PHP & MYSQL. So we will cover the basics of PHP and MySql with a part of Your AngularJS Course Training.
You will have your own AngularJS Project! Yes, You can start to write AngularJS code from the day one. In the middle of the course, we will provide you an HTML Template and you have to develop the project in AngularJS. So at the end of the course, you will have your own AngularJS Application. It will Increase your Confident Level.
YES! After the course completion, We will conduct Three Mock Interviews. In the Three Interviews, We will figure outs Your Technical competence and where to Improve etc. So after the Mock Interviews, You will have a clear vision and It will help you for your Placements.

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