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We at Inspanner Academy are a group of IT professionals, techies, faculty, and industry experts who have been providing top quality IT education in a comprehensive range of fields and areas, to students in India and abroad. Our courses are updated timely and are in the most in-demand/latest realms of IT. This helps us mentor students that can fulfill the business requirements and needs of the clients.

Our academic/practical courses and their content is created through the help of industry experts as well, so the students attain the most advanced skill set, knowledge, and expertise in the various domains of IT profession, and are able to solve the real-world problems businesses face. We expose our students to real-world projects and have word class and futuristic IT technologies, digital labs, and expert education.

Skype Training

We offer online training in a wide variety of its courses through Skype as well, while also having our own online education portal. Students located anywhere in the world and get themselves trained and learned in the IT courses in their free time.

Students are no longer required to be physically present and any of our institute branches and can enjoy the benefits and comfort of self-paced learning. Online training is provided by IT experts, and students also get experience in real-world IT projects. We actually have enrolled with us students from different countries (including those from North America, Europe, and other parts of the world) attending live courses and seminars online at a very affordable cost.

Fast-Track Learning

Through our experience, we learn that many students, especially those who are working in an IT or other professions, want to go through the courses in lesser time because of professional or other reasons. We, therefore, have created personalized and customized IT courses that provide for Fast-Track learning. Students can pick the subject areas and topics they want to learn first and may go through the rest of the course later.

One-to-One Mentorship

We value the time and efforts of our students and want to give them the best possible education at the most affordable cost. Whether it is a group, individual, physical, or online class, we offer one-to-one mentorship to our students. Our experts go to that extra length to solve the problems, queries, and learning issues of all students. Our students have also monitored their performance, attendance, progress, learning skill advancement, and in other areas. Because we also arrange placement for our students, we want them to excel in the interviews and the skill-related parameters that the hiring companies have.

24 by 7 Mentor/Faculty Availability

Our experts are available to the students at any time of the day. We offer round-the-clock assistance so that the students can solve any of their queries, problems, and questions at the time they are raised. Students can meet the experts personally or can contact them online or through the phone to get their problems resolved instantaneously.

Practical classes

IT education is incomplete without practical classes. The majority of the training time of our students is spent towards learning and mastering skills at the practical classes conducted at our world-class online digital labs. Students may also undergo practicals via the distance mode of education.

100% Placement Assistance

We offer all our students 100% placement assistance. We have students placed in the leading MNCs, IT firms and in other firms of Indian and foreign origin. We have a graded evaluation system through which we check the readiness and competency of a student in real-world projects and in hiring and employment.

Mock Interviews

- We not only bring to our students the best skills, knowledge and IT expertise but also groom their communication and personal skills and attributes. Inspanner Academy provides 3 mock interviews, and the communication and other tips to the students so that their personality has the right qualities that will be favored and liked by the prospective employers.

Free-of-Cost Consultation

We offer free-of-cost career advice and consultation to any beginner or professional who wants to gain IT education. We will provide you the right advice towards choosing the best course, which will bring you a better salary, promotion, and advancement in skills, expertise, and knowledge in the right areas. There are no consultancy charges for this career advice and you can use it to have the brightest future for yourself.

Wide Range of Courses

Inspanner Academy has the widest range of IT courses available for you. These courses are in different realms/areas of It education and bring to you the skills and knowledge that you need to deliver the best outcomes to the company where you are hired. Our courses are in the areas including:
At Inspanner Academy, you can choose the best courses that match your interests, experience, previous qualifications, and/or profession. The courses are offered at a very affordable cost and bring to you the best value and returns for the money you spend.

Corporate Training and Mentorship

Leading business firms and companies across the world hire our world-class education services to get their employees trained in the right and specific areas. We offer a highly affordable, fast-paced, and diverse range of courses that the businesses can use to bring the right skill set, knowledge, and expertise to their existing employees. We help your organization gain utmost proficiency in handling IT tasks, operations, and services, and provide client businesses the best returns on their investment, in both the short and long term.

Free Demonstration

Whether you want to undertake an individual, group, or corporate training and course, we have the short-term demonstration classes for you so that you can get an idea about the proficiency and level of our education services. The demo is entirely free of cost and is provided upon the request of the learners.
Those new to IT may get a job in a few weeks only, by joining any of our recommended courses. The professionals employed in IT or other business segments and areas can expect a major salary and position boost upon successfully completing an IT course at Inspanner academy. Call us now for a free consultation and demo session. Inspire Academy promises you a bright future.

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